Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentist Barrow in FurnessIf you need an emergency dentist in Barrow-in-Furness, then Teckkam Dental Care has an excellent emergency dental department. While we want dentistry to be a relaxed and soothing experience, we understand that sometimes dentistry needs to be provided urgently. If you have not booked an appointment, but need dental work, then don’t worry, as we will be able to accommodate you at any time if need be.

Broken teeth

If you have broken your tooth, and need an emergency dentist in Barrow-in-Furness, then please give us a call. Broken teeth can be extremely painful, and we understand that you will want to see a dentist as soon as possible. They are also a severe risk to your oral health as, if the inside of the tooth is exposed, then the tooth can be at a high risk of decay. Missing teeth can also cause your jaw to be misaligned, and therefore not working correctly. This can in turn cause your jaw to put more pressure on other teeth, and therefore erode them at a faster rate.

Knocked out teeth

A knocked-out tooth is also known as a dental avulsion and happens when a blow is strong enough to tear the periodontal ligament, but not enough to break the tooth. This can be more common with blunt force, as opposed to a sharper force which can break the actual tooth. A knocked-out tooth is entirely intact, however has been torn from the ligament that attaches it to the gums. If you have knocked out a tooth and need an emergency dentist in Barrow-in-Furness, then we will be able to assist you.

What do I do if I have knocked out my tooth?

A dental avulsion can be handled in two ways, the first being to re-insert the tooth yourself, and the second to transport the tooth to the nearest dentist for them to reattach. There are several factors that need to be considered in your decision.

When a tooth has been knocked out, it is important not to touch the root of the tooth in any way. It is also important to make sure that the root of the tooth is clean before inserting it into the gum, which can be a difficult task. If the tooth has fallen into dirt, or is particularly bloody, then it can be difficult to clean it without damaging the root cells and knowing exactly where the socket is.

If the tooth appears too difficult to reinsert, then do not attempt to do it. Your best course of action is to place the tooth into a saline solution or milk (not water) and transport it to the nearest dentist. You will need to see a dentist either way, so sometimes this will be a preferable option in the first instance.

As an avulsed tooth is extremely time sensitive, it is important to make either decision quickly, and if you are going to re-insert the tooth, make sure that the root and socket are both clean, and the root has not been touched.

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