Help when you most need it, through a quality emergency dentist in Barrow-in-Furness


Nothing is broken that cannot be fixed

It may surprise you to hear, but the strongest part of your entire body is, in fact, part of your teeth. Whilst you may have believed it to be within your bones, in actuality, the enamel – which is the outermost layer of tooth – is the strongest natural part of the human body. Whilst baby teeth (or ‘milk teeth’ as they are often referred to) are meant to fall out naturally as you develop, adult teeth are meant to be permanently fused within your jaw. Hence their naturally strong constitution. Whilst teeth may be the strongest naturally occurring part of the body, here at Teckkam Dental Care, we recognise that nothing is indestructible and that – given the erratic and unpredictable nature of life – accidents are bound to happen. Whether you’ve fallen over during a sports match, slipped in the shower, or some other accident has befallen you, if you’ve lost, chipped or damaged tooth – it is imperative that you seek out the aid of our expert emergency dentist in Barrow-in-Furness to maximise the possibility that the tooth can be fully restored.

Recognising a dental emergency

Whilst the loss of a tooth is an obvious dental ‘emergency’ in all respects, it is important to note that there are several other forms of dental emergencies that should not be overlooked by those who are experiencing them. If a dental emergency is not addressed swiftly, it opens up the possibility of further detrimental effects to the patient’s dental health as well as their overall health, as dental problems can often result in other areas of the body becoming affected. One such form of emergency which can have seriously detrimental knock-on effects is severe toothache. If you are affected by sudden onset toothache, it may be the result of an abscess within your tooth which requires immediate attention. Abscesses are when pus builds up within the tooth or gum of a patient. Typically, abscesses are the result of a bacterial infection that has accumulated within the pulp of the patient’s tooth. This bacteria has formed from within plaque which is accumulated from foods which the patient consumes. If plaque is not removed properly during routine brushing and flossing, then bacteria may spread within the patient’s mouth and eventually form abscesses. Treatment for combatting dental abscesses which are causing severe pain may include root canal treatment, which is a procedure which hollows out the patient’s tooth and removes any infected nerves or pulp – before resealing it.

Care, when you most need it

The process of receiving emergency dental care from a specialist here at Teckkam Dental Care will initially involve the practitioner cleaning the affected area of the patient’s mouth, before making an inspection of the severity of the damage. The practitioner may provide the patient with local or general anaesthetic if they are in a severe amount of pain. Thereafter, once the affected area has been sterilised, and the patient has been anaesthetised, if required, then one of our trained emergency dental professionals would carry out the appropriate dental procedure, which may involve the removal of the affected tooth, or the construction of a new section of tooth if it has been chipped or damaged. Given the nature of emergency dental care, there is never a unifying rule of thumb, as each case is entirely unique and the dentists must tailor each service to the needs of their patients. Whatever the case though, you can rest assured that our team of expert emergency dentists here at Teckkam will do all they can to return your smile to its former glory as fast as we can.

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