Do I have to be registered with your Emergency Dentist In Barrow-In-Furness to receive an appointment?


No! Despite many emergency dental clinics requiring their patients to be registered with them to receive an appointment, this is not the case for our clinic within Barrow-In-Furness.  Despite our patients always getting priority over our emergency slots, we also offer appointments to non-registered patients who are experiencing dental pain or swelling.  If you are a new patient at our clinic, you may require an initial assessment prior to starting dental treatment.

What happens if you run out of appointments?

If our emergency dental appointments are filled up, we always point patients in an alternative direction to receive emergency dental care.  Our clinic has a list of local dental clinics which provide emergency dental care.

What happens when our dentists are away?

If our Emergency Dentist In Barrow-In-Furness is unavailable for any reason, we always ensure we offer our patients an alternative.  If you are a patient looking for emergency dental care but our dentists are unavailable, we provide another local dental healthcare professional to cover our emergency dental care.  For our patients who are covered by Denplan, alternative emergency dental cover never incurs an additional dental cost.

What if I require emergency dental care in the evening?

For patients who may need emergency treatment within the evening we suggest our patients call the bay dental helpline on ‘01539 716 822’.

How to receive an Emergency Dentist In Barrow-In-Furness on call?

For patients who need an emergency dentist urgently we charge a small fee of just twenty pounds.  Denplan care patients can call an emergency dentist to our clinic to ensure they are treated as soon as they are able.  If you are experiencing a dental concern which could be considered as a medical emergency we suggest you call the NHS helpline on 111, you may then be directed to visit an accident and emergency at your local hospital.

For patients who are experiencing a dental emergency when on Holiday

Experiencing any form of medical emergency whilst on holiday can be extremely stressful, whether patients are in the UK, or in a foreign country.  If you are a patient who is not within a forty mile radius of our practice, you can also access denplan services at other clinics worldwide, on your own behalf.  Although this dental plan is only covered if patients take out supplemental dental insurance, it can make a huge difference for our patients’ peace of mind.

How to claim your dental costs back

For patients who have received emergency care at another clinic, they are always advised to keep receipts to ensure their claim runs smoothly when they return home.  Denplan can ensure ultimate stability for patients who are travelling abroad, as well as peace of mind, especially for patients who are nervous within dental environments, or travelling in general.

A dental service you can trust

Within the modern field of dentistry, patient testimonials can be a deciding factor when choosing any dental clinic especially, for an emergency dental care service.  Located on our website, we display a large number of reviews from our happy patients.  Many of our potential patients may find it extremely useful to view previous patient experiences to help them feel confident that they have made the right decision.

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